Friday, 18 March 2011


I've only recently noticed that, when I repaired my Blog-putting back the header and profile and settings etc. I did not replace the lost picture of Milou, a grave oversight given that he, along with JP play a large part in the make-up of many of the posts.

Milou and his friend and cousin [by marriage]

So, for the sake of those new friends sent here by 'Blogger of Note' [many of whom have fallen by the wayside as expected] here is a brief Bio. of my canine friend:

I shall  be nine years old on the tenth of November

Walking is pretty good fun.

I'm a bit too heavy for laps, but I can do knees, no problem. These belong to Sazzie.

I used to be professionally pampered, now the woman does it, not so well, but I won't hurt her feelings.

Harry exhausts me-no respecter of old age.

I totally love bathing and then the rubbing dry,heaven!

All things considered I have a pretty good life; the man and the woman dote on me, it's embarrassing sometimes. Buy hey! It's a dog's life.


  1. I think they should not pick a blogger of note until they have been blogging a minimum of two years! It is not as hard to be a good read for a few months.

  2. This is adorable. Are you going to put the picture of Milou back into your header? He has a beautiful coat, and I love that 'the woman' doesn't pamper him quite as well as the professionals.

  3. Don't look a day over 5 Milou.

  4. Love the photo of Milou strutting his stuff along the beach!

  5. Sooo cute! I have a cocker spaniel and it is getting to be that time of year when he feels the need to roll in every stinky thing he can find outside. I think he prefers it to the smell of shampoo!

  6. So so lovely....and I cannot possibly show these pictures to my daughter..she will just ooh and aah and say pleeeeeeeeaaaasssseee mum.....I must be strong.

  7. He is is just a darling little dog. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Tabor: I have been blogging since 2008.

    Dys-func-tion:Not too sure how to do it, and it was messing around with things I did not understand that caused me to send my old blog out into infinity. Sazie will do it for me when next she visists.

    Kara: Thank you on his behalf. We don't get down there too often these days, what with the wonky hip [mine] and his short legs.

    B.Barb: He is, but then I am totally biased, thank you.

    Gaelyn: So true. I thought he was overwieght and then I gave him a hair cut, now he's just right.

    Drinker of sweet tea: It is a joy to see Milou go from stinky brown to snowy white. His Kennel name is White Hussar, imagine!

    Dreaming of Arnold: Ah..thanks!

    365: Sorry...but what does that mean:]? Not beeing difficult...keep getting them on texts as well.

    Libby? Awww! Go on.

    Retired English Teacher: The muse has failed me...Milou often steps in when that happens.

  9. :-) means a smiley face mother!!!

    see you very soon!!

    luv sazzie x

  10. What adorable babies!!! I have three, one is a beagle (Duke), one is half cocker spaniel and half labrador(Lamonte), and one is half beagle and half cocker spaniel (Zeke). My life would be a lot cleaner without them, and a lot less hairy, but much lonelier! And who would kiss my hurt when I am wounded?? Couldn't live without them, for sure!!!!

  11. He's just adorable.. I love the second image of that sweet little face.

    Moannie, turn your head to the left and you'll see that this... :-) (and other variations) is a smiling face.

  12. I am dog-less at the moment, but I would take one like Milou any day. (love "White Hussar" but Milou fits him beautifully.) It's worth your going "muse-less" for a day to see all these photos.

  13. I always love to hear more about Milou. He is a gorgeous dog, though I bet he would chase my rabbits!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Moannie... this symbol :-) is a sideways smile.

    Tilt your left ear toward your left shoulder and look at it.

    There are many of these (they're technically called "asci" art).

    The smile: :-)

    The wink: ;-)

    The tongue sticking out: ;-P

    The laugh: ;-D

    I like to do mine with a squiggly nose: ;~)

    There are lots of fun sideways faces to be made with your keyboard. Go for it!

  15. What a gorgeous doggy! I want one now

  16. Such a stunning fellow and so well spoken, too. I quite enjoyed meeting the little darling and reading the bio. Nine doesn't seem so very old. We have a kitty who is going on 14. She says, "Hi!"

  17. milou is a cutie and looks quite well tended to and indulged, whether professionally or not ;)

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