Saturday, 20 August 2011


I don't think anyone has missed me, and that is a bit, well, sad really. I know I am not that prolific but it has been 20 days since my last post I had thought to see  at least one or two...'Moannie where are you' [s].

The saga began when I finally got truly mad at Hayhohell and cancelled my contract with them, and, at the same time cancelled   BT who have done nothing wrong, but we decided to put all our eggs into the basket at Sky, thus saving a bundle [eventually, we hope] This all happened on the 1st of this month and I, in my blissful ignorance believed it would all be fixed and finished by the eighth.
Hayhohell however lived up to its name and reputation and refused to give me my mac code so that Sky  has made me wait till the 18th to do whatever magic they had to do to get me connected. The parcel arrived with all the bits and pieces I needed to get it done but...and there's the rub, I didn't have the nerve. Today the wonderful Debs and Gary came by and he fixed it for me and now I am back and it is as if I had never been away.

Well it is for you 'cos you didn't miss me.

Twenty days of twitching, of irritability; of dusting and weeding, cleaning in corners that have not seen a duster since we moved here seventeen years ago.I have walked and wormed and weeded until dog and garden have yelled 'uncle'.  I've begun baking, even using yeast  to great effect [pizza dough] and disaster [Chelsea Buns] and brought out my Encyclopaedia Gastronomic  to produce some great meals much to the approbation of JP. I've dillied and dallied and a couple of times lost my way home and the time CREPT BY.

I could have used that time to my advantage, storing up posts in word, but nothing happened when faced with that blank white page; there is something about this small rectangle which gets my creative juices flowing.
Hayhohell still showed me the little place where my emails are stored but it mocked me, creeping up from 6-to-155 and of course I could not access them. It has been awful.

And now that I am back, in touch with the world and my friends and I can ask Google questions [I have a list]   it feels good.
Don't let me down Sky, you have my on-line life in your hands.



  1. I have missed you Moannie.
    Problem is..... I have had so many of my favourite/regular bloggers just disappear for weeks/months and sometimes a year or two that it seems like the norm now when yet another one does the same. I blame Twitter & Facebook and all the other things that others move into but which I don't!
    Anyway, I am pleased you are fixed up again now and that everything is fine with you.
    Hope to see you regularly from now on!.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  2. Welcome back, Moannie!

    Guilty as charged. I did not ask what happened. To make it short: I finally finished my degree, but the morning after it hit me that my abode has been running on autopilot for a very long time! Well, did a bit of bookkeeping, housekeeping (oh how I love it! *grumble*), a teensy weensy bit of traveling, at least three walking tours around town (i.e. not just shooting from the hip whilst running after errands), at least three coffee houses, cleaning up my archive (oh well, thinking about it), and so on. Last but not least, trying to really enjoying summer, looking up at the sky frequently (especially when we have sunny days, it rained way too often this summer). And other boring teensy bits.

    I opened a new blog, only to finally have my very own blog roll and that is how I immediately saw when you finally published a new blog post (see, I have you under observation!).

    Big hug,

  3. I had noticed that you had not posted for some time but Blogland has been fairly quiet recently. It's August. It's the silly season and anyone with any sense is away. Good to see you back.

  4. I may not have noticed how many days it had been, been busy with grandchildren, but I'm glad to see you haven't abandoned us for good.

  5. hey,
    we are there looking for you. nice you are back.okay next time i would nag you if you are absent.
    love you.

  6. Ah dear Moannie, who wouldn't miss you? So many bloggers, myself included, are taking more time away from the computer that extended absences seem to be the norm lately. I'm glad your connection woes are behind you now. Welcome back>

  7. Welcome back...I checked in everyday to see if there was something from you...glad to see you are back! As the others say, August is a quiet month and lots of people are tweeting and facebooking etc.,.....but I like blogging and hope you keep on blogging too!

  8. It is summer and so many people aren't posting because they are, I only check the reader and not individual blogs for new posts...but glad you have it all sorted out.

  9. hi moannie.)welcome back.


  10. welcome back n cheer up moannie!

  11. Well, now I am just hurt. I guess I don't count. If you look at your last post, not only did I come back to see if you posted anything, even though Dashboard always alerts me when my favorites post, I commented the following: "Hey there, Moannie....I am seeing all the reports of rioting and looting over there in London....I have no idea how close you are, but have been so worried about you and your family. I pray you are all safe and out of harms way....and that everything returns to peace and order there very soon, if not immediately. God be with you all."

    I was praying for your safety, Moannie. That's how much you mean to me! But, I will seem like a blog stalker if I come everyday and say, "where are you?" lol

    I'm so glad all that was keeping you from us was your switch in internet providers (assuming that is what Sky is).

  12. We missed you, we missed you.

  13. It's great to have you back. Not least because you've written a line that's now got me sitting here thinking of my dad and I singing together 'my old man said follow the van and don't dilly dally on the way'. Thank you for the lovely memory prompt.

  14. I missed you! Hope you get on well with Sky. We've just changed our TV from Sky to Virgin. Still using AOL broadband and WiFi, though.

  15. I came to your blog every day, looking for a new headline... lots of people disappear for lengths of time during the summer months, due to family vacations, gardening availability, and general heat malaise. I just know that when you write, it's when you've got something to say... and so I waited.


  16. I did miss you but just assumed you were on vacation, anyway, welcome back!

  17. Having jumped on your bandwagon round about the time you became disconnected, so to speak, I had no idea as to what the regular rhythm of your blogging might be. Reminds me of the old joke, "How can I miss you if you don't go away?" In any event, I'm glad you're back in blog action and will be spared the rigors of housekeeping for the foreseeable future.

  18. You are all so lovely, and now that I have sorted out new connection failures I shall be back to normal, fretting and wondering what to write. Funny that-when it was all seemingly lost to me I was convinced that I could write a post a day at least.
    Tomorrow I shall be back in the old routine, reading all your blogs and leaving comments. Now, after a session with a lovely patient guy at Sky I'm all a tremble and need to lie down in a darkened room. XXXXXX

  19. Didn't miss you?!? I stopped by here every day (or, at least, every other day) to see if anything new had been posted! And I am glad to see that something finally has, although I'm sorry to be called unfaithful and a fair-weather friend and a no-good louse and a rotten son of a bit... well, OK, you didn't call me all those names, so maybe I wasn't as insulted as I think I might have been, and I do tend to overreact on occasion. Maybe.

    But, all's well that ends well (I think it was one of your countrymen who originally said that), and I still love you (which is what I'm saying.) Welcome Back!

  20.'re all a tremble and need to lie down in a darkened room? lol You are hilarious!!! But, I know exactly what you mean!! I have to call up the help desk at Time Warner, too.
    As you can see, I'm waiting for that next post. :)

  21. Good luck and (renewed) happy blogging.

  22. I've missed you! I'm generally just lurking and peeking in on you, but, each time, lately, you hadn't added anything new. I, like some of your other fans, thought maybe you had just decided to do some other fun things. Welcome back and GET TO WORK!

  23. Of course we miss you, silly! And I know lots about facing that blank page everyday. Glad you're back. Up and at 'em!

  24. I know how you feel about assuming that the blogoverse is about to send out a search party when a blog lies dormant. My presence has been spotty for the past few months due to summer frolicking. One of my readers commented "I was wondering where Finding the Funny had gone." Your presence the blogoverse is so appreciated. I love your wit and ability to help me smell the armpits. I need to remember the importance of posting comments!!!