Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Write something, anything, remember Annie how a blank sheet of paper was always a challenge? Don't say nothing's happening, something is always happening. So get on with it.

Sazzie has been down here with us since last Friday. Lovely to see her and feed her, boy does she love her food, a joy to cook for, and I have been cooking again. She and JP have gone to the Hospital for his third CT scan...he's getting quite the old hand.

JP had a Hypoglycaemic episode on Saturday afternoon. He was mowing the lawn and I said, not putting two and two together 'You look dreadful, come and sit down' but he carried on until Sazzie said she would finish up t he job.  Suddenly he sat down next to me and began  talking gibberish and looked as if he had had a stroke. I ran into the house for a tube of Glucose [they are in every room] and Saz ran for sugar water and a banana. Luckily he didn't lose consciousness but couldn't stand for some time before getting him into the house. Two hours later he was back to normal and could not remember a thing he had said or done...just as well.
Oh, and Milou would not leave his side...just kept close with a look of such anxiousness in his lovely brown eyes.

Saturday was also the first day that I was able to use my new Cradle Hammock...not the lovely hammock I imagined but jolly comfortable and 'twas cheap. It has rained or been too cold every day since I bought the thing a month ago.

I am well. I get a bit stronger every day and am going to have a six week break before Radiography thank goodness, I was truly dreading it.

NOAOS is still in lots of pain but is showing a remarkable recovery...he is determined to be back behind the wheel earlier that the six-week period his doctor said.

So there you have it...a page filled. Perhaps it might be a good idea for me to dredge up something from 'The History' for my next post. Anyway, I'm still here and you my loves, are there. XXX


  1. Do you mind if I re-post this on my blog?

  2. I'm so pleased that you are doing so well, Moannie but sorry to hear about JP's attack. (However, that was easily remedied & hes back to normal.
    I enjoy hearing from you and how you are doing. I'm sure everyone else feels the same.
    Looks after yourselves.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  3. Hope the weather improves enough for you to get good use from the hammock - what a May, eh? JP's attack sounds scary but copable-with. Take care.

  4. I'm so happy Saz was able to come spend time with you, but even happier that she was there for you both when JP had his attack....and that Milou....isn't he just the best dog ever??!!

    It's wonderful news to see you are feeling stronger everyday!!! You will be enjoying that hammock in your summer garden a month from now! Love to you all. I pray you continue to feel stronger everyday and that JP will soon be feeling better, too! Oh, and good for NOAOS!!!! That's great that he is doing so well!!!!

  5. So sorry to hear about JP's episode. We are all much more fragile than we were just a year ago, when we chatted about silly things, really. Life has a way like this, blowing in with big gusts, and then, slowing down with a soft Zephir. Enjoy all there is, each episode is just a pearl in that necklace.

    Right about now, Moanie, you are sounding stronger and stronger.
    The sun will come out and warm you into more activities, even more writing.

  6. So glad you are feeling better, and getting a break before radiation. Plus having Sazzy around has to be a joy. JP got lucky

  7. It's a good job you are all looking out for each other! Glad to hear you're feeling well - enjoy that hammock thingie! 8-)

  8. Cooking and caring and being with your loved ones sounds grand Moannie....sorry to hear that JP had an incident, but how fabulous that saz was there and he recovered....milou was so lovely to be by his side!
    I will be back at my sisters in a few weeks.....will you feel well enough/want to have a quick catch up? no problem if you can't....take care x

  9. its always good to 'see' you here .. no matter what the subject or how long

  10. Your "history" is always worth another read, Moannie, so don't feel guilty about posting from it. You're sounding more like your good self with every new post! It makes me very, very happy.

  11. So glad you're feeling better and soon the rads part will also be over with. You sound brighter in this post. Lorne is off to London tomorrow to work for the Olympics - just imagine, this time 2 years ago, he was facing the start of chemo!

  12. So glad to see you back........sometimes just the daily stuff we do is all we got to say, and that's ok.

  13. So good to see you posting and especially saying that you're well and stronger each day. This brings a big smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Sorry to hear about JP's episode but I'm glad that all was remedied. Hugs to you, dear Moanie.

  14. Moannei,
    it felt so good to read this post, thank you!
    Wishing you many sunny days out in the hammock,
    Merisi xxx

  15. oh goodness, sounds like a scare with jp. glad all ended well there and saz was around to help and give you someone to cook for ;). hoping your son also recovers soon and glad you are getting a bit of a break.

  16. Yee, Moannie, we are still here. Here for you and thinking of you all.