Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sunday evening catch up

Just a short post to tell you all that Mum/Moannie was readmitted to the Hospice on Wednesday; whilst her meds are being reviewed and a hospital bed is being installed at home for her and her carers convenience.

Mum is very tired at the moment as her meds have given her some issues which need addressing and require her to be monitored. We expect her to return home by next weekend, where she will be more comfortable. The new bed, as I understand it,  is an all dancing and singing one, whereby she can alter the mattress for her back and legs, giving better support. Sounds great, I think I want one!!

This time obviously gives Dad/JP some respite to relax, catch up on sleep and doze in front of the French News this I am guessing he will be up a ladder out in the garde, hedge trimming, cutting down the overgrown bit and bobs that have been calling to him as he's been on duty with Mum. and he's naughty 'cos he knows he should be taking it easier himself ..but then have you ever tried to tell a french man what to do, when and how to do it!! No way Jose...I mean Jean- Pierre!

back here soon, meanwhile keep the positive thoughts coming...thank you!

Saz xx


  1. Ah, but a Frenchman does add a certain je ne sais quoi? There's reasons we keep them around:)
    Best and warmest thoughts to you all.

  2. Thank you for this Saz. Hope all is well and that Moannie is home according to plan next weekend.

  3. Thanx Saz for the update.
    Think of you Moannie often and wish you well. Can you order me one of those beds as its just what I need!
    Luv Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Thanks for the update, sara
    Much love to all

  5. Working in the yard sounds like a needed respite. thank you for the update and tell Moannie that she is always in our thoughts.

  6. A dancing and singing I've heard of everything! lol I hope that it will give Moannie the comfort she deserves.

    Men never matter what age! When my dad was 74, he was climbing trees and cutting out limbs because my mom had fussed about them. I was sure he would fall and break all the bones in his body....but he managed to climb around that tree like a monkey and cut the limbs out like she wanted. Thanks for bringing back that memory for me. :)

    As always, prayers and good wishes sending your way....hugs

  7. i hope the meds get sorted out without difficulty. sounds like things are being made nice and comfy for moannie's return. and i don't think the qualifier "french" was needed....just men. i don't know any french men but i know plenty of other types and they are all of similar stubborn ilk. (though i also understand some of tht activity is motivated by love for the ones around them) good thoughts and prayers being held for all in your family.

  8. Good to know that Moannie will be really comfortable on her return home and that JP can have some breathing space while not on duty....despite what he intends doing ... I've seen your hedge....trimming that is a full days work! Thanks for the update and all thoughts and wishes are winging your way as usual.

  9. Best wishes to you, Moannie and all the family. I'm sure that Jean-Pierre's doing too much is helping him to cope with a stressful and sad time. So it is good that you are there. It is good to think Moannie will be able to be home on the weekend and that there will be such a wonderful bed to help keep her comfortable. Thank you so much for keeping us up-to-date ...

  10. The bed sounds wonderful and hopefully will make her life that bit more comfortable. (((hugs))) to you all

  11. lots of of vibes headed to moannie and jp and to you saw and your siblings .. xoxo

  12. Ah, yes, she'll be able to rest and be attended as needed, and the rest of the family can catch a bit of rest too. Best thoughts for all of you.

  13. sending warm and restful thoughts to you all~

  14. Moannie, our beloved Moannie. You have touched a global community and now we, your international fans, must envy you as you recline, Cleopatra-like, upon a bed that Saz tells us is "all-singing, all-dancing".

    From San Francisco to Singapore, your admirers and friends send love and support to you and your nearest and dearest.

    With love, admiration and unerring respect.

  15. Thanks for the cheerful update, Saz. Love to Moannie, as always, and I totally agree with Leave It to Davis... men never behave, no matter their age, their country of origin, or their shoe size. Don't know why we women should be surprised, though, since as far as I know we don't behave either! 8-)

  16. Long hospital; stint I must prefer the bed by the window and memories Sandy

  17. God bless you, dear.
    Shall I expect you Upstairs?
    To set a place for you, too?
    God bless your indelible soul.

  18. How 'quick' Sunday evening catch up calls go. As explained by Micky Flanagan...

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