Saturday, 25 June 2011


 A re-post, may I be forgiven. The muse [such as she was] has left me.

by Moannie

Ah! Look at the love light in her eyes, the jaunty stance of the guy who knows he's cute, and the knowing smile on the face of Senor Gordillo who is in on the joke.

Barcelona, 1957, one of the golden years for me. I was 22 , on holiday in an exotic location abroad, staying with my boyfriend at his lodgings in the apartment of middle aged, spinster sisters Conchita and Laura, neither of whom approved of my presence. The sisters only ever rented rooms to men, students, like JP, or travelling salesmen like Senor Gordillo. I was only tolerated because JP's tenancy was to be long term and his rent provided a good income.

My room was next to JP's and was smaller, his had an anti room where we ate our meals under the watchful eyes of the sisters who observered us from the kitchen at the end of a long corridor and heaven forbid that the door swung closed; Conchita, the head guard dog would bustle along carrying a dish, replenish our plates and prop the door open again.

Incredibly, they appeared oblivious to  the fact that our rooms were connected by a balcony which ran the length of the building-either that or they had put us on our honour, well not I, for at that time I did not speak Spanish and was a very 'good girl' of the fifties - but probably JP, and he would have had no scruples, for, though Catholic, he had lapsed to such a degree that it was only superstition which led him to light candles for the dead and anyway, he always chose his battles well.

On one occasion, when washing out undies, I did JP's as well, and the sisters threw a tantrum which involved much shaking of fists on the part of Conchita and apron throwing over the head of Laura as Conchita shouted that I was taking good money out of their pockets and that they wanted me gone, adding that I was a Scarlet Woman and they knew what we were doing at night. We left them to it and went to the Bullfights, staying out till late in the evening hoping they would have had time to cool down. They were both still up, and docile, even apologetic. Senor Gordillo had told then that their fears were groundless, he was a light sleeper and could vouch for my purity. He could of course, because we had been very good.

But then we weren't.

Hence the smug expression on Senor Gordillo's face.


  1. That picture is absolutely magical. What in the world is behind you? It looks like clouds, with a fountain shooting out of them.

    If I were going to write a story about this photo, I would say that the girl and boy had just arrived for a preview tour of heaven, and were being shown around the Cloud Gardens by their own private guardian angel.

    Of course, I love the real story better. Clandestine love is so much more spicy when there are naysayers and accomplices!

    Also, you look a bit like Doris Day in this shot. Love it!

  2. Great story! You two make such a wonderful couple, you so "Doris Day" cute and JP a definite looker.

  3. A delightful story! I'm so glad you re-posted!

  4. I'm sure the whole affair was scandalous at the time - even when it was innocent. But then opportunity begets scandal doesn't it?

    Great story

  5. Fabulous photo! you all look so cool......
    and even 'good girls' have fun don't they!

  6. mmmmmm....and then was Sara....hee hee

    OMG doesnt Dad look like this pic..the eyes and hair...OMG

    saz xx

  7. Saz, I don't know what Patrick you are talking about, but when I saw this picture, I thought he looks like Patrick Dempsey, the movie star. If you were referring to someone else, and don't know who Patrick Dempsey is, be sure to Google will be surprised...and the hair helps him look like Patrick Dempsey....and this is a compliment. He really was a good looking twenty something year old. And Moannie, you are just too cute! Love the story....I say encore....more of the reposts. I missed out on them the first time! I so love hearing about all your travels and adventures!

  8. It's a lovely photo alone, but the added spice of the story makes it a treasure. Lovely.

  9. The Broad: Hi there and thank you for visiting.

    Marcheline: Thank you so much for coming over here and taking he time to comment. The 'thing' behind us was the famous fountain at the top of the 'Ramblas' It was illuminated and where everyone met before the 'paseo'; the walk up and down the Ramblas...couples, families, children, lovers and their chaperones.
    Doris was my idol, I copied every style as best I could on a student nurse's salary.

    Gaelyn: He was soooo cute. I ask myself how could hair, as thick and strong as his, just disappear?

    Pat: I do seem to repost more than the average...Lovely to see you here.

    Jeannie: It was scandalous, to the extent that old women in black hissed at me in the street and that was only in no I jest. I wore jeans and nice girls did not wear trousers in Spain at that time.

    Libby:Wish I had known what cool was then, oh, I suppose being scandalous was cool...then I definitely was.

    Sazzie: Not quite then cherie. There was the trip cross country with Eduoard, then to France with Jaime and THEN....
    And yes, I see it, the grin and the hair...ah...genes will always come through.

    Leave it to Davis: Patrick is my grandson, who may or may not be flattered by this decision.

    Suldog: Thank you, I've always been partial to spice XX

  10. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, oh, what a DELICIOUS post, I love, love, loved this, and dear God, how beautiful you both are! Ahh, what a rich and full life you've danced - cudos, my friend, if only more could grasp the day as you do.

  11. Hahahaha! And what a great picture that is!

    I didn't know anyone actually DID throw their aprons over their head! LOL!