Thursday 16 February 2012


Yesterday was such a good day. Though, like most days that are 'marked' as different it began with a hospital appointment for  pre-assessment before Friday's Chemo. Blood was taken and the gods were smiling , because rather than the trooping of the Vampires standing in line to prove that they can find a little nurse hit it first time and we were done and dusted and out of there before the cock crowed eleven. A minor detour to pick up some work for NOAOS and the world was our oyster, scallop or cockle. (The reason for the seafood theme will emerge tout de suit  )

First stop was B&Q in Canterbury [for those of you from foreign parts B&Q is a vast store selling everything you could possibly need to build a house including bathroom and kitchen. It is also a garden centre.]
NOAOS had a time of it shuttling between my chair and the large wagon as I chose three large pkts compost, two cherry trees and a plum tree and five rose bushes. (And if that isn't a clear case of optimism I don't know what is.)

By the time we had arranged for delivery we were both getting hungry and we decided to listen to JP for once and his suggestion that we eat at a restaurant in Whitstable and, once again luck was with us with a parking space outside the place from which the most heavenly and well remembered smells were wafting out and around our heads so that we looked like the Bisto Kids raising our noses  and sniffing like bloodhounds on the scent of a good gravy. The dining room was packed but we found two seats and ordered, mouths salivating..


Now I am a bit of a connoisseur of fish and chips having owned and run one for a short while [it was too successful and we sold it sharpish] and it is many years since I have had anything that tasted half as good...either the fish had been frozen or the batter too thick or soggy and chips too greasy. Our plates, when they arrived  overflowed with dry crisp chips and a large piece of fish in crispy bubbles of batter. It was, like the best meal ever...accompanied by bread and butter [a must] sweet gherkin and a mug of tea we were silent as we chomped our way through our pesci. delights, stopping only for the occasional thumbs up or gulp of oxygen.

At one time fish and chips was a poor man's dish, as cheap as the newspaper it came wrapped in. Not any more. Ours  did cost the equivalent of a steak but hey, 'twas worth every penny.

Thursday 9 February 2012

Come Spring!

I keep saying a mantra; Come spring and I will be better. Come spring and simply seeing the sun will be enough to make everything right...come the Springtime all will be well.

I've planned a party. The garden will look wonderful, all Lavender and roses. JP's grape vine will be flourishing in it's new position facing due south and the hammock I have fallen in love with will have arrived and been hung and invites me to swing.. All the children will be here and we will have cooked up a storm of chicken and potato salad and crudités, of  crisp French bread and a groaning cheeseboard.

I forgot to say that of course the weather will be perfect, warm enough to be glad of that breath of a breeze and the touch of a new cashmere  cardie...a perfect compliment to my maxi dress of  voile.

Of course you are all welcome