Tuesday 29 May 2012

This and That

Lately I have been disorientated. There has been a terribly bright object in the sky sending down rivers of heat. Even the nights have been warm. I have been going out to sit in its glow, coming inside again when I got too hot and in between just sitting, agog with wonder at the apparition which caused people to shed clothing [especially blokes who really shouldn't] and actually made everyone smile for no reason.

Today the madness is over; the skies are grey and overcast and it just might rain...heyho!

I am beginning to get over my baldness. Something appears to be sprouting...very white and curly, about half a centimetre...people stare...and for the briefest of moments think "Ah!" and "Thank God it isn't me." then they look away, embarrassed knowing I know what they're thinking  for I would have thought the same...before.

Began a book which I shall definitely finish. Called Triptych  by the aptly named Karin Slaughter it is a murder mystery. A writer new to me but she is good, very good, incredible plotting and in depth detailing not often I'm page turning with shaking hands...even though I did suss out the bad guy early on the race is on to see true justice done.

It didn't rain after all.

Tuesday 15 May 2012


Write something, anything, remember Annie how a blank sheet of paper was always a challenge? Don't say nothing's happening, something is always happening. So get on with it.

Sazzie has been down here with us since last Friday. Lovely to see her and feed her, boy does she love her food, a joy to cook for, and I have been cooking again. She and JP have gone to the Hospital for his third CT scan...he's getting quite the old hand.

JP had a Hypoglycaemic episode on Saturday afternoon. He was mowing the lawn and I said, not putting two and two together 'You look dreadful, come and sit down' but he carried on until Sazzie said she would finish up t he job.  Suddenly he sat down next to me and began  talking gibberish and looked as if he had had a stroke. I ran into the house for a tube of Glucose [they are in every room] and Saz ran for sugar water and a banana. Luckily he didn't lose consciousness but couldn't stand for some time before getting him into the house. Two hours later he was back to normal and could not remember a thing he had said or done...just as well.
Oh, and Milou would not leave his side...just kept close with a look of such anxiousness in his lovely brown eyes.

Saturday was also the first day that I was able to use my new Cradle Hammock...not the lovely hammock I imagined but jolly comfortable and 'twas cheap. It has rained or been too cold every day since I bought the thing a month ago.

I am well. I get a bit stronger every day and am going to have a six week break before Radiography thank goodness, I was truly dreading it.

NOAOS is still in lots of pain but is showing a remarkable recovery...he is determined to be back behind the wheel earlier that the six-week period his doctor said.

So there you have it...a page filled. Perhaps it might be a good idea for me to dredge up something from 'The History' for my next post. Anyway, I'm still here and you my loves, are there. XXX

Monday 7 May 2012

Electric needles.

Oncologist has suggested to might be fun to have a few sessions of Radiotherapy and I, irrationally, am scared stupid. I know that there are side effects to this treatment but my doses would be very light in comparison to those for whom it could be dangerous, and my hesitation seemed seriously debilitating, until, that is, my Eureka moment last night.

As always when presented with an enigma, I simply worry it the way a dog worries a bone. Then light dawned...of course I am going to be afraid of Radiotherapy...as I was at aged five. Terrified of the giant machine containing 'electric needles' which were going to remove all my hair and the dreaded Ringworm infesting my scalp.
I must have been one of the first children to be treated by this new discovery of Radium...I cannot help but think it was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

NOAOS has left hospital a day early with his new knee.
JP has three scans next week.
Must bathe the dog.
Still no sunshine.