Monday, 7 May 2012

Electric needles.

Oncologist has suggested to might be fun to have a few sessions of Radiotherapy and I, irrationally, am scared stupid. I know that there are side effects to this treatment but my doses would be very light in comparison to those for whom it could be dangerous, and my hesitation seemed seriously debilitating, until, that is, my Eureka moment last night.

As always when presented with an enigma, I simply worry it the way a dog worries a bone. Then light dawned...of course I am going to be afraid of I was at aged five. Terrified of the giant machine containing 'electric needles' which were going to remove all my hair and the dreaded Ringworm infesting my scalp.
I must have been one of the first children to be treated by this new discovery of Radium...I cannot help but think it was like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

NOAOS has left hospital a day early with his new knee.
JP has three scans next week.
Must bathe the dog.
Still no sunshine.


  1. You are single handedly keeping the medical profession in kippers it appears. Good luck with your therapy and listen to some nice music if they let you. This is such a slog for you I am sure, but try to enjoy the spring as you go.

  2. I dont know that I've heard of radium treatments .. is this like (or just another name for) radiation treatments? Here its often used before chemo or in place of chemo depending on the protocol for the form of cancer being treated and hopefully excised ... a friend just finished 7 weeks of radiation and aside from a small 'bruised' area she's great!

  3. I would hold you hand Moannie. It's OK to be scared, and especially with those kinds of childhood memories. Hang in there. Hugs!

  4. It's ok to be scared. I found the thought of radiotherapy just as scary as chemo but in the end it was ok, not great, just ok. Remember to moisturise your skin after cos it will help keep it in good condition and just breathe.

  5. Moannie...... it is fine. You just lie there very still and do not feel a thing.
    Just lie back & enjoy it!!!!!!!
    I'm here to tell the tale & I'm squeamish.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  6. Can't you tell him (or her) that you'll sit by the radio and listen to Radio 4 - in the sunshine - for a whole week instead? Or even Radio 1 if they'll let you off?

    Not having been down that road I can't console (or frighten) you so I'll settle for wishing you the very best of luck instead. In the circumstances I think I'd tell the dog to bath itself.

  7. I'm with Scriptor. Best of luck, and let the dog wash himself! 8-)

  8. Nearly there Moannie....nearly there. A new Knee for NOAOS, some sunshine, all your fears allayed, and JP being on the mend...let Milou stay unwashed for a little while longer too! All will be well in the end.

  9. I'm impressed you're feeling well enough to tackle the dog. Good job.

  10. oh my goodness, with a memory like that no wonder it gave you a scare to consider the possibility! and wow, your whole family has been putting the doctor's kids thru uni hasn't it? well, i wish each of you the best in your respective recoveries and next steps. the very best wishes and prayers for each of you.

  11. So glad to hear the good news about NOAOS son!!! A woman that works in our department had her knees replaced one at a time this year and she is already walking without her cane now....and she is 63. She said she feels young again! So good for him!

    I pray JP's scans show as good results as possible and he will get some good news.

    My mom would be bathing her dog, too. That's her baby. I understand why you need to bathe him. That would make you feel like things were getting back to normal. Milou looks small. You can do that I bet. Just make sure someone is within shouting distance in case you need help....and PLEASE do it where it won't be slippery for you! NO FALLS!!

    Radiation didn't have as bad an effect on my dad as the chemo did. AND that is what they credited with eliminating his tumor in his brain. Your doctor seems to know what he is doing so far. Maybe this will be just the thing to irradicate the rest of the tumors!!! I will pray you make the right decision. Hugs....hugs and more hugs....and prayers for your continued strength.

  12. Sunshine? I've heard the oldies talk of a time long ago when there weren't clouds in the skies, no floods in the garage, no leaks in my sisters roof, when you could go out without an umbrella and water proofs and when there was enough water in the reservoirs that you didn't have to share a bath... I think they make it up or look back through rose tinted spectacles

  13. Ah, I think the lack of sunshine is probably the thing aggravating everything else more. I'll say a prayer for a nice sunshiny day where you can enjoy The Show - the birds singing, the lovely blue skies, breezes rippling through the treezes... excuse me, my muse got carried away. I'll say the prayer, anyway, and here's hoping for a huge abundance of sunshiny days in your immediate future!

    XXXOOO (<---- Could be hugs and kisses, but if you'd prefer it can double as a do-it-youself tic-tac-toe kit!)

  14. Me too! It must have been in 1945/6 - and was my first night spent away from home (for the trip to London). I had remembered it as being X-ray treatment, rather than Radiation, but have wondered over the years if a brain tumour might eventuate?

    All good wishes. . .

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