Monday, 18 August 2008

18 August 2008

I'm truly home again. A phone call came from Saz this evening to say that the great Gatsby has returned my blog. Well the heading anyway, and that's ok because I have all my old posts safely tucked away and I shall gradually put them back where they belong. Starting with this, my very first one.

Looking back is good, isn't it?

by Moannie
I am reminded, once again, as another friend is fading, of my mortality. There is no reprieve. No matter how young I feel, or- as my children often remind me; with the kind of smiles reserved for whimsical children-how young I may behave, I am nearer to my demise than I care to believe. Sometimes, this gives me pause as I attend another funeral of another one of my contempories. I am saddened and I miss them dreadfully, it terrible of me that I'm so grateful that it isn't me? It isn't me!!!!!

In a few days I shall be seventy four. Good Grief! That gives me six more years if I match Derek's score, seven if I better Marjorie. That's no time at all...not good enough. I wont have it. I intend to be the first person to live forever.

Meanwhile I shall ruminate on the view from this end of life. It is a vast panorama of places, people and events that have coloured my full rich life, and hopefully, there is still time for a few more lovely surprises.


  1. oh my god thank the F**K for that....

    phew, sigh and swoon!!

    luv ya Mumma..

    hope you can sleep tonight..not composing posts in your sleep!!

  2. Yay! I'm so happy for you, Moannie. What will become of the piffle blog now?

    Also, if you're determined to recreate this one exactly as it was, you can have the dates reflect the originals by filling them in the little dropdown box under posting options.

  3. of course Hilary!! I shall ask her if she wants to do this, then I shall talk her through it....Fab thanks for that...

    and all is resumed a sit should be...

  4. Brilliant news. As for ageing....... you & me both! Sigh.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Welcome back Moannie. I'm delighted you have been given your belongings back. Nice when you get it fully restored to its former glory. Hugs ~ Eddie x

    PS I shall be following both blogs now

  6. Well, I'm totally in the dark. what happened?

  7. I'm in the dark with ellen. What the heck happened here?

    Whatever, I'm glad to see you back here.

    Why worry about the inevitable when you're not immortal. Just live every day, NOW, NOW, NOW......

  8. Welcome back....two places to visit Moannie sounds good to me.

  9. Well, I am certainly going to focus on living until 100!!

  10. Love this....even though I also do not know what just 63, I totally get this post....and it's ain't over, til it's over.
    Forget the fat lady.

  11. ah welcome let's put the kettle on....

  12. And you SHALL live forever in the words, thoughts, wisdom and wit you left behind on this blog and in our hearts.