Wednesday 25 May 2011


This morning NOAOson came by to pick up JP and take him to the Supermarket to do the weekly shop. We do it turn and turn about. I make a list and the game is to see how many things from that list he actually buys.
After a chat and cuppa they go. Just over an hour later they are back There are traces of mirth on their faces and it is obvious they have a story to tell.  NOAOson  tells it, trying hard to keep a straight face and almost succeeding.

NOAOson: As we are pulling in to the parking lot dad asked me if I had heard what Churchill said to Onassis? We got out and walked to the trolleys. I said no, what did he say?

JP: Well, Onassis told Churchill that his flies were open.

NOANOson: And?

JP: Wait, just a minute...I 'ave to post zees letters.

 NOAOson:We are now inside the store and in the way, so as he walked back to the post box I moved to the side and looked over to him. I couldn't believe it when he moved to a man [who did look a bit like me] grabbed his arm and said something, laughed, then looked up to the man's face and backed away. He looked around the store and saw me and came over looking rather sheepish.

NOAOson: Do you know that man?

JP: No, I thought it was you.

NOAOson: Well what did you say to him?

JP: I told him the punchline:  If ze bird is dead it won't fall out of ze nest!

I do wish they had found the man and asked him what he thought JP was talking about: Did he think it some kind of code for 'the fish really is fresh today?' 


  1. Moanie, these are too good to lose. Gather them up and get them published. LOL.

  2. He he he! Must have thought JP was a member of the French MI5!

  3. Love that! can imagine their faces!

  4. OMGOD.. i so need that Mum!! tell me another please..

    much riotous laughing and am alone in my room...I am sure your grandson thinks l'm up to no good!!

    hee hee..



  5. Perhaps he thought he had encountered a spy!!

  6. 365: Glad I made you laugh, I was in serious trouble when they told me, you know wobbly legs and spurty tears.

    Rosaria: Thank you: think I'll leave it to the kids. Already have a case full to bursting with rejection slips.

    Working mum: That made me laugh, reminded me of when the kids were littlies, asking him 'daddy, what do you do?' One day it would be a frogman, another parachute jumper, and one memorable time...a brain surgeon.

    Lbby: Imagine if someone stopped you in he supermarket and just gave you a punchline...totally out of context...still makes me chuckle.

    Sazzie: They are few and far between Cherie, but they do explain so much...don't they?

    Tabor: Or else a total nutter. Hehe!

    Gaelyn Hello my lovely. XX

    Rommel P F: Hello and welcome to my world, and is expanding every day. I will stop by and visit you later.

  7. After a rather stress filled morning this was a real tonic, you (and JP) made me laugh out loud yet again. Thank you!

  8. oh, god, you made me laugh. out loud!

  9. Poor JP....he must have been soooo embarrassed!

  10. Oh, poor JP. I had a similar incident happen to me, but I was in the lingerie department and put a hander behind my head so the sexy little outfit hung across my front then turned to the friend I was shopping with and asked, "How's this for sexy?" ....only it wasn't my friend!

  11. That is absolutely hilarious! The other guy probably thought he was mistakenly included in some international spy ring.

  12. Oh too funny. I can only imagine the confusion.. and the laughter.

  13. Ha!! Very funny
    Congrats on your POTW

  14. LMAO... Totally cracking me up.

    Congrats on the POTW award over at Hilary's blog.

  15. oh my! congrats on the POTW!!!

  16. So funny and congrats on the POTW!

  17. LOL... what a story! Congrats on POTW!

  18. Ha! (bad word) blogger!

    I tried to comment several times before, but blogger hates me, or rather, hates my PC. Just for the halibut, I thought I'd try on certain blogs once more using my Macasaurus. And here we are, apparently.

    Anyway, and belatedly, loved this one.

    Once I was in a store, saw a man from behind filling out a form, and said "Dad? Dad? DAD!" After I slugged him in the shoulder and he turned around? Hee-haw. Oops.

    Congratulations on your potw.

  19. *rofl*

    I have talked to my kids at times. Or so I thought. ;-)