Saturday 18 June 2011


Yesterday I met a fellow Blogger, the first one ever and it was lovely and strange and very very quick.

It began with an email from Libby at D'scribes. She was in Whitstable for a couple of days and could we meet? I phoned the telephone number provided and we arranged that she would come over in the afternoon, after one, when lunch plates would be cleared and Milou walked and I would be primped and ready.

Then Stavros came in for lunch and we had an hilarious noisy hour of he an JP topping each other's jokes and Stavros  revelling in our crusty bread and Camembert and drinking three cups of coffee.

2pm and he had to leave, luckily his surgery is next door but one so he was able to linger until the very last minute. We all got up from the table and then Milou began barking, looking towards the front door where the letter box was rattling.   JP got there first and took a parcel and cards from the Postie who was trying to push the lot into the slot. Bit of a panic as Milou was very near the exit so I shut him inside then saw a woman standing next to the Postman. A quick impression of slenderness,  dark hair, sweet smile, red umbrella, linen tunic and I rushed to hug her and draw her inside.

She began by saying that she wasn't staying, that her sister was in the car and she just needed to put a face to the Blog, as it were. But JP and Stavros were still at the front door talking and Milou was nowhere to be seen and I panicked, thinking he had somehow got out in the melee ,  so I dashed around calling him, finding him locked outside the back door. He rushed into the room and welcomed Libby like a long lost friend. Poor thing, must have thought she had entered a mad house.

We chatted, briefly, in telegraph ese. Our Blogs, how we felt about it, how often she travelled down from the Midlands, then she had to go.

I thought, afterwards, how clever of her. Don't you think so?  Meeting Blog pals could be scary. We show a persona that may or may not be a true reflection of who we really are. I mean I could be a ninety year old sex fiend or a nineteen year-old religious nut.  Or we could take an instant dislike to each other and she would have been stuck, drinking undrinkable coffee  until she could politely leave, and then it would put her off for ever making the attempt at another meeting with another Blogger.

Now as far as I am concerned she was a delightful lady and I am sure we will get on well the next time we meet, and hopefully JP Milou and I made a good impression in the few mad minutes she was here.
I do hope so.


  1. Seems like the perfect meeting, very natural, and you. I've enjoyed the few fellow bloggers I've met face to face like an old friend. And although I'm sure there are "fakes" out there the true will come through. Sure hope you get to visit again. Your home sounds like a fun place to be.

  2. Meeting bloggy friends is always good. I'm meeting one today in Seattle! We've been bloggy friends for like 4 years, and I'm so excited to finally get to meet she and her young grandson!

  3. 'lovely and strange and very very quick..'..exactly right! and I felt so happy to meet you both....the postie, your friend being there, the rain, milou being possibly was a bit Fred Karnos circus as we said hello face to face for the first time.....but hopefully not the last!
    ps slenderness?? you are very kind
    pps I never thought you might be a sex fiend!
    but I didn't want to impose on your time

  4. I've met a few bloggers over the years and it's always been a pleasure. It's quite a nerve-wracking moment though, because like you say, we give ourselves a certain charisma/persona online and we can only hope we don't disappoint when meeting in person!

    CJ xx

  5. That was an interesting read!
    I had to smile at the initial chaos because that is probably how we would all be here as it sounded just like my house!
    Hope that it is the first of many happy meetings.
    I will now go over & *meet* Libby!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

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  7. I met a blogger once...she actually stayed overnight at my house. And then shortly after she quit blogging. I certainly hope it wasn't something I said! I have not heard from her in years.

  8. I think she saw your authentic self and found that you are as interesting in person as you are via the internet. I've not met any of my blogging friends, but I agree that it take a bit of courage to do so.

  9. I imagine many of us - me included - would love to meet you in person. I've met quite a few bloggers over the last couple of years and it's a variable experience. Some people are exactly how they seem in their blogs, some are pretending to be the person they seem in their blogs because it's who they want to be. But you can't keep that pretence up for a whole evening.

  10. I'm glad you met a blogging buddy. I was a right old state before my first blogger meet-up, but it turned out a complete delight. You paint a lovely picture of yourself and your life, so I'm sure anyone who gets to meet you will appreciate who you are.

  11. Libby is so lucky! To have actually seen Milou and JP and YOU! I am sure that you are exactly as you seem here....honest and humorous! Thanks for sharing a look into your sounded very normal to me.

  12. When we're all superconnected, we'll bump into one another by accident.

    In the meantime — yes, meeting with bloggers is better than hanging out down the Dog & Even Fiercer Owner waiting for poets.

  13. Wow, this is a feel-good post. glad it all worked out so well!

  14. That was an interesting and exciting, if brief visit with your friend. I'm glad to read that she enjoyed it, also. I've visited personally with only one blogging friend, who welcomed me like a long lost friend. We had a lovely visit!

  15. That was so cool to meet a fellow blogger. Haven't yet but hope to some day! Thanks for stopping by my place today!

  16. So far I've only exchanged mailed handmade gifts with fellow bloggers, but never met one in person. Someday I hope to.

  17. I've so enjoyed your take on the fears of meeting up with a fellow blogger. I've recently visited 2 cities where I have blog friends whom I have never met and was too timid to try to arrange a meet'n'greet with them. Next time I'll arrange a quick stop-by with a pretend sister waiting for me in a taxi, curbside.