Wednesday 29 December 2010


Mum used to say 'The Queen says "I want" every time we said the word. 'I would like..sounds so much nicer' she would repeat, endlessly. And I eventually I heard the words as she did, nasal, whining, greedy - and made sure that my children heard the same intonation.

I seldom use the term, there is little that I want,  for  myself at least. Many things are on my 'would like' list: to be warm again, for instance, blue skies, and a holiday away from here. Somewhere warm but not too hot, a place without creepy crawly things that sting or bite. Where someone else would cook and clean and pamper me, slough off a layer of skin and squeeze and pummel blood through bone and muscle.

I would like to have our Bank Balance back to its old pre-slump level.
I would like the ability to hold my tongue-to allow JP the last word if that is what makes him happy.
I would like the strength to resist chocolate and cigarettes but enjoy both so much I don't care.

But there are a few things I truly WANT.: Apart from world peace and Goodwill to all men, of course!

I WANT Number one daughter to find happiness that is lasting, love reciprocated, respect as her due.
I WANT and only son to be relieved from pain [three unsuccessful knee ops.]
I WANT baby daughters dream of motherhood to come true.

And for me....I WANT my Blog back the way it was. I WANT my 236 followers back. And to that end I am keeping Piffle for piffle and The View From This End is going back to it's old ways.No more re-posting

What would you like?
What do you WANT?


  1. Well, I didn't re-follow you here because you were still on my blog list and I was getting notifications. So...I have un-followed you and re-followed you so that my icon shows up here again and adds one more to your number.

    Now to what I would like to have. What I would like to have is more work than I need. What I want is just enough work.

    I want peace on the earth, an end to rudeness and thoughtless meanness. I want more compassion from those that have for those that do not. I want my sister, after the sudden and unexpected loss of her husband, not to have to struggle to keep her home and eat too.

  2. I want you to keep writing because I enjoy reading. I want you to have the desires of your heart for you and your children met.

    I want reconciliation for my family. Death can be a divider, and I see that happening in my family after the death of my daughter. Most of all, I want healing for us all.

  3. Readded myself too, but i was still receiving feed notification of your posts :)
    My daughter to return safely from Thailand, my son from Waiheke and my son and daughter in law from Nelson!
    I want the skifiield held accountable for my ex husbands death on their access road.
    Continuing appreciation for my health, the wonderful life i have, my blessings , parents, children.... And stop hoping for lotto wins, overseas travel and financial security.
    Happy new year Moannie

  4. i think that is a very healthy want list and i hope you get each of them...thanks for popping in today!

  5. I want what you want for your daughter since I didn't get it the last two years and had to give up. I want my back to be normal again but it never will be so I have to resign myself to that. I want my two daughters to be happy and to love and be loved unconditionally. So far, so good. And I want you to know that I'm still following you and thoroughly enjoying all your posts - and Saz's, too. Happy New Year! :D

  6. Thanks for that reminder. I would like to have an open and wonderful relationship with my mother. I Want to not have the need to always be right.

    I'll refollow here. I would like to read more of your stories. Please. ;)

  7. I like your wants and needs. I read your list this morning and thought about it all day. The things I want are beyond my control, so I try not to dwell on them. Then I decided I really do need new pillows for the special guests I'm expecting in a couple of weeks so went to town and got them. My needs are few. I've spent nearly ten years working at simplifying my life and find the more I succeed, the less I need.

    But I do, very selfishly, want you to keep blogging!

    Happy New Year to you and yours. (That's a wish, quite different from a want.)

  8. Thank you all so much, my lovely ladies. I am so happy now that I have decided to abandon my original idea of re-posting all my old posts. Had I continued it would have taken almost a year. It didn't feel right, as if I had moved into a new home where I knew no-one-whilst my old house crumbled away from neglect. I have been moping...couldn't put my finger on the cause, thought the well had dried up. Now I have a new urge [to write again]

    Our 'wants' and 'would likes' are not so different, are they? Mostly we want happiness for those we love, simple as that.

    So happy to be back.

  9. I want more time to visit other people's blogs.

  10. I want all people to have enough to eat and a roof over their head.
    I want no more wars.
    I want Blogger to do as I want.
    I want more time to myself.
    I want Moannie to come back as my follower (was it something I said?)
    I want to rejoin Moannie as a follower.
    I want all Bloggers to be friends.

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  12. You have given me what I want, for you to write again and not just copy and paste. Put a note on Pyramid of Piffle saying you are closing it and direct your followers back here. Maybe post something from your archives every weekend, on a Sunday, and write new stuff. You are nowhere near out of stories, and I miss them.

  13. You've still got me, babe!


    Peace - D

  14. This is most definitely an I Want and not the nice, I Would Like, I want my children well, happy and loved. In fact, I pretty much need that.

    You've got this baby backed up, right?

    I'll watch for you here, there and everywhere.


  15. I would like good health and good cheer, and to have more patience with my immediate family.

    I want ... oh, I am fearful to want anything. Because of the thing, "Be careful of what you ask for ..." And because in my family, the saying was, "I want never gets".

    I love to read, and hope that Doris Lessing will write another novel.

  16. I want you to seriously think about why it matters to you how many followers you have.

  17. I want to live long enough to see all my grandchildren!

  18. Apologies, Moannie. My comment was never intended as a finger-wag, and while it may have been my first comment on your blog, it wasn't my first visit by a long shot. I regularly read your blog without needing to register myself as a follower. And maybe that's my point: If you're putting it out there, and we're reading it, does it matter whether our faces are in the sidebar, or how many of us there are?

    In the case of my blog, with its limited number of visitors, only a couple of regular (but welcome) responders, and an entire three followers, this could seem like sour grapes on my part, but it's really more about valuing what one does, regardless of response, rather than measuring one's efforts by numbers.

    In fact, I have an ongoing problem with the three followers I have. Am I pandering to my own ego by showing them on the sidebar? But at the same time, would it be impolite to them to remove the 'Followers' gadget completely? I can't make up my mind. Or maybe I just did. Because if I feel like I 'need' to please 'friends', chances are I'll end up compromising myself.

    Anyway, my original comment wasn't meant to offend – and once again, apologies if it did.

  19. I want you to get your 200 odd followers back too! Come on.... where are you all hiding? Come and sign up on Moannie's blog again.
    I also want good health!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  20. As you're asking, I would like you and all Bloggers to enable their email settings, so that when a comment notification email pops in my inbox, I can say HI! behind the scenes!
    Apart from that, I want more writers like yourself to grace Blogland's portals! :)

  21. I like your wants! My mother wanted these things for me... At 29, I found and married the right man for me, but don't always appreciate it... I didn't think I'd have children and now I have three amazing girls....
    I feel for your son, having had two knee replacements in 3 years on the same knee. Knee pain is a part of my life, so if you find a way to get if for your son, let me know!
    I hope you get all the wants you want!

  22. I would like to be one of your new followers, and I would like to invite you to read my blog, which is truly in its infancy (, because I WANT my blog to mature into something worthwhile. Thank you - I have enjoyed reading your thoughts enough to make you the first person I follow!

  23. I would like more chocolate and cigarettes and I am going to leave my comments leaving and go back to the table and have some.......I will ask permission b4 leaving the table

  24. Hello. Found you through Blogs of Note. Loved the post I just read and loved your profile. Your honesty comes through and you sound like fun. Can't wait to hear more from you.

    Bouncin' Barb @

  25. I very much like your blog, and would be happy the follow the view from your end!

  26. i have to giggle at your mum's response. when my kids were small i explained the difference between a want and a need. then i got wheedling whinging, "but i neeeeeeeed it." they eventually got my point but when they got older and started with "i want" i'd counter with the absurd, "and i want a million dollars and a perfect body but we don't all get what we want."

    really those 2 things are pretty far down on my list though. what i most want is for my kids, especially daughter #2 who has struggled so in the last year, to be happy and healthy and the kind of people who make the world a better place.

  27. I've stopped wanting to be a mother, there is precious little point. What I WANT is my husband to quit being blind and stupid, realize he has a wife who has loved and been devoted to him for 13 years, get his head out of his butt and come home to stay.

  28. Your writings are interesting. I enjoy reading them. Thanks.

  29. i am just entering the blogging world, as i am looking for wisdom from others, a place to escape to, a place to leave my thoughts for others to ponder. i could only hope to someday gain a following such as yours. i like the way you think!

  30. i think that is a very healthy want list and i hope you get each of them

  31. This is ia great list and a good way to present our intentions. The universe is listening. Good luck and blessings on your wishes for your children and all.

    I want my children to be happy and healthy an granted the desires of their heart, in a timely way. and peace in the world and less stress in my financial life and more time with friends and loved ones. good health and happiness for mom and the rest of my world.

    Keep writing you have a solid base.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  32. "Thankfully it would take more than a bulldozer to erase my memories"

    It´s very true :)

  33. hi moannie, i want one more painless, lovely day for u and of course for my Grannie too.i want my dm.

  34. I am a relatively new follower but wanted to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog! You have a gift that goes beyond writing... your true story-telling brings things to life as a vivid painting. 'I want' to read more!