Monday, 24 January 2011

100 words game.

Using Mr.London Street's game for a rant.

Add- ons which have no place in a sentence
Innit. [Not only is it lazy English, but it is a Question
that never receives an answer]
See you later. [When it is never going to happen]
You know. [Is this a question or a statement of fact?]
You know what I mean, Yeah?
Don’t it? [how lazy can you get?]
And he says-
She says-
I says-
As in, ‘so she says I did it and I didn’t, like. D’ya know what I mean, like?’

A lot of these numbskulls work in Call centres.

I hate, hate hate it!


  1. "Like" is the most annoying one of all. For me, a paragraph of spoken English densely populated with 'like' is worse than one containing an obscenity. At least the F word expresses something.

  2. Like I totally understand what you mean hey its like totally whatever... ;) I wonder how bad it'll be by the time my daughter its a teenager.

  3. I typed is not its. Stupid auto-correct.

  4. How about misuse of words like Ultimate? Example: That ski trip was the ultimate of outdoor experiences. Ultimate means final, not the best. Or the overuse of the word That? Example: I just knew that after reading that post that I had to leave a comment just like that one I saw that somebody else had left. 5 times in one sentence! THAT is an overkill!!!

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  6. LOL
    i guess i am one of them who speak -and write- that way. just that i don't realize it when i am talking. =D

  7. Oooh this could have me joining in and sounding like a really grumpy old woman.......I hate fink instead of think, them instead of those, innit and aint, there is when it should be there are....Oh I must stop.....and perhaps be more tolerant?

  8. Not everyone comes from your level of expertise when it comes to writing skills. Although, you do bring up some rather funny pet peeves. Unfortunately, the people that need to take your advice are most likely not going to read your blog because they don't see it as being an issue.
    Many people use abbreviations that have gotten so out of control (especially through texting) I can't even have a conversation without the ability to decode what their saying.

  9. This is a tough one - I'm incredibly pedantic about spelling and grammar, in the style it was taught to me oh so long ago, but I also quite like the fact that language evolves and changes over time. I believe it's important that people take it and shape it in a way that gives them ownership and control over what they say and how they say it. So I'm trying to control my tendencies to focus on what's wrong and think about the energy and excitement of words however they're used. But, as I said, it's tough!

  10. I like to think i'm hip and a bit hop and with it just enough to not be completely out of it but call me old fashioned, I loathe it when people type to me in texting language! How hard is it to write full words? But having said that, years of defence training and work has seen me abbreviate a few words and never write them in full so perhaps I'm guilty myself and in which case I should probably delete all of this but what the hey?!

  11. They are irritating aren't they, Moannie?

    We used to have this guy in the office who began almost everything he wanted to say by "Like I said..." even though he didn't say anything before that! He's one of the reasons I'm now retired.

    Of course now I have to deal with "btw, thingy, anyways, and many others", only to find myself using them occasionally!

  12. Unfortunately, I currently work in a call center so I get where you are coming from Moannie, I just wish that they would stop and listen to themselves for a few seconds. They would hear how ridiculous they sound!

  13. Oh no! Call center language! Yikes!
    I have to admit that in my daily speech I have picked up a few of those silly teenager type words after being around the teens for so long. I hear it come out of my mouth but it is too late already and I roll my eyes at myself.

    Blessings to you today Moannie.

  14. "Like" is awful. I have an intelligent, articulate daughter, studying for a PhD who, when expressing herself verbally, peppers her speech with this. I have idly considered standing her on a metal grid and zapping her with a mild electric shock every time she does it, on the off-chance it might condition her out of it.

  15. Brilliant!!! I am agreeing with other commenters here, "like" is such a dreadful expression, used mostly by the youth of today, lol. My farm helper is one of them and I have to hide my expression sometimes for not wanting to offend!

    Without sounding too disrepectful to young people, our language is definitely getting much lazier!

    CJ xx

  16. It's the same here, except for 'innit.' Thanks for the rant; I like totally agree, ya' know.

  17. "The cold-blooded murder of the English Tongue." is difficult to take. Those don't necessarily bother me but I do have my pet peeves. The word "ain't" being chief among those.

    It's good to read you again, Moannie.

    By the way, whenever I contemplate the things other people say and do that irk me, I have to wonder what is that I do that bothers people. Then I am rather grateful to not know for sure :-)

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