Thursday, 22 December 2011


 Yesterday I spent the afternoon at our districts' Hospice. Not something I ever imagined doing for myself, nor someting I have ever done for another.  The word has always chilled me, and it should not have done because it's derivative:-

a house of shelter or rest for pilgrims, strangers, etc.,especially one kept by a religious order.
Medicine/Medical .
a health-care facility for the terminally ill that    emphasizes pain control and emotional support for the patient and family, typically refraining from taking extraordinary measures to prolong life.
a similar program of care and support for the terminallyill at home.
preaches nothing but love and caring. 

I think it is the 'terminally ill' phrase that I don't like, determined as I am to beat this thing...and I have to say that the vast majority of the patients staff and volunteers I met, do seem to have that mind set, many are back after some good years of remission...six and seven years in some cases. However, despite my misgivings I did come away with a feeling of relaxation that I do not feel all the time at is not easy to be on the end of an endless stream of help however willingly given. One knows the sacrifices being made daily by one's loved ones.

In the afternoon after lunch we all sat back on our loungers, like so many oldies...dozed off and I even had a foot massage. Then a Carol service in the Chapel... innocuously non-denominational and rather sweet. I my dears, did not need the hymn sheet. They had this child by seven years.

My driver, is eighties...smoker with a lovely fruity cough, bought me home.

I shall go again next Wednesday and all Wednesdays after that when I'm free, and from what I saw, will enjoy the odd few nights of respite care.

Who knew?


  1. Moannie you sound wonderful....relaxed and calm and ready for however the future unfolds...I wish I could hug you, so am sending a virtual hug x

  2. Darling Moannie, we are all terminally ill - Life is bleedin' terminal!

    I am so pleased you have found a spot where you can take some peace with you, and thrive. Just what a hospice should be, a home of hospitality for Life's Pilgrims.

    And you are a bold and beautiful one. Take care.

    Peace out, as they said in the Sixties! ;) xxx

  3. We used Hospice and they were a great help but not perfect...for us anyway. My dad's mantra through the whole thing was "Hospice in not the boss of me"! ..and I think that is a good way to think of them after all. It is your life to the very end and you are still in charge.

  4. when my mom was dying the hospital insisted if we signed a DNR she had to be moved into a 'ward' .. so we spoke w/Social Service who helped move her to a small but lovely hospice, she only spent one night there before she passed but the staff was incredible .. I have never encountered such warmth and caring in an institution before or since.

    I know you will kick this .. I know hospice isnt something people think of except as a place to go at the end of life .. its not so .. I hope your Wednesdays and any nights you spend there continue to bring you relaxation and respite care.

  5. Glad you've found somewhere to relax, and I know your fortitude and kick-ass attitude will stand you in good stead! Give as good as you get, and keep 'em guessing, I always say!

  6. Its not just for terminally ill. Any really chronic condition can often be helped by a Hospice.
    I had a Hospice lady round to my house back in the summer, to help me with pain relief. She knew what to do better than any doctor. I am pleased to be able to say (for the time being anyway) I am now off all pain killers since radiation.

    You have the determination to beat this blasted thing into remission. Lets both of us extend our boundaries a bit more.......!
    Happy Christmas, Moannie.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  7. At the hospital where I work, we have a wonderful hospice staff. Being in the medical records department and imaging all the records, I see patient's charts go in and out of hospice. Yes, some are end of life, but some recover....just needed hospice for a short time. Make that your goal.

    I would not need the hymn sheet either. I, too, was theirs by 7. Isn't it funny how things we learned as a child stay with us our entire lives, but things we learn later have to be worked on to retain? I'm so glad you went to the Carol service and that you enjoyed it. I do believe that Carols aid in your healing as much as hospice.

    Huge Christmas hug.

  8. I was Very impressed with my limited dealings with Hospice. Glad you enjoyed the rest. That will be good medicine. Please take care of yourself.

  9. Much love, Moannie! Have a very Happy Christmas! Talk to you soon!

  10. Your strength and faith is an inspiration.

    I wish you all the best.

  11. I have heard only good things about hospices. The one in our city is gorgeous!! It's a Cromwellian mansion, beautifully restored and brought up to date with all mod cons. They are very caring and professional and have PAT dog visitors too, for those who want them.

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel that you need their services, but proud of you for taking the step. HUGS!

  12. i can imagine your reservation but i am glad you came away form it feeling refreshed. you're a nurse so you know stress reduction is always good for health and recovery.

  13. I haven't read this blog before but I think it's great. Hope you have years of lovely Wednesdays from here on in.

  14. Eight days since you last posted....I hope you are feeling stronger. My thoughts are with you.

  15. i dont much care for that name-"hospice"
    can we call it somethin else?
    but i gotta love a driver named stuart who smokes as he drives ya.
    now that's irony
    hope you're doin ok, Mum

  16. Keep on keeeping on! You have the most amazing attitude and we are all thinking of you and sending hugs.

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