Monday 19 March 2012

A Mother's Day

Mothering Sunday was all about that; about me mothering my kids and everyone mothering me. An early call from Sazzie  started the day and JP bought me the card and pressies she had left with him. Bathed and dressed I started to prep. the food for lunch...topside of beef, crispy tatties, Yorkshire pudding and Cauliflower cheese. I was feeling quite good...took it slowly and JP was my sous chef.

Lita Mona and her Mart were first to arrive and as the meal was set for one o/clock we started without NOAOS who texted he would be late. He arrived as we were finishing but he still enjoyed was all pretty good if I do say so myself.

The rest of the afternoon was spent following the sun, plenty of chat and laughs and I even got pushed to the end of the road and round the block with Milou trying to out run me.

They all insist that my hair is growing again though it remains a millimetre of fuzz to me.

Back for Chemo on Friday...just when I'm starting to feel human again.

Today it is sunny again and it is no chore to sit in the garden and watch the birds. I must not, ever, complain that it is too hot; having moaned constantly that I am 'cold to my bones'.

Almost six months now since this all kicked off...I'm wondering how many of those months are 'extras' I might not have had, had I not gone to see my Dr. for a beastly cough.

Think the pills are kicking in...I don't feel quite as depressed, or maybe it is just seeing the sun.

Not the best post ever, but it is all getting rather samey and there is only so much doom and gloom anyone can stand.

Adios mi amigos


  1. Enjoy the sunshine and warmth, Moannie, as we enjoy you - In great gulpfuls...

    Happy Mother's Day xxx

  2. being with ones you love and getting a bit of sun and warmth are all good for the mood. so glad you had such a lovely day!

  3. Hey don't apologize.......I am sure that everyone will concur that we are just glad to hear from you, and know that you enjoyed your day. That's all we ever have, you know, THIS day. right here, and now.

  4. Sunshine is so cheering. So is Yorkshire pudding! Glad you had a good day.

  5. Mutual Mothering sounds delightful. Especially if it's sunny. Not like here with 8" of snow and more falling.

    Good luck with the next chemo. Hand in there.

  6. Sounds like a good weekend ... I am told the second round of chemo is not as bad .. xo

  7. I would mother you, too my dear. I know what you're going though and it will get better or it won' money is on you though, I'm saying better days are on the way.
    love to a survivor

  8. Always pleased to see The View come up on Blogger. Glad you enjoyed the family and are up for Friday. Has it been six months already.

  9. Happy to hear you had a lovely Mothers Day! And that dinner - my favourite! Hugs! :D

  10. lol...the chemo is having an odd side effect for you....speaking Spanish now? Living in Texas, I hear Spanish everyday, but never expected to read it on your blog. lol love it!

    I'm so glad your family got to be with you and enjoy each other and go for a walk with Milou.

    I am so glad you had that nasty cough. I just hope you have many, many more sunny days and walks with your kids, JP and Milou to come.

  11. My outlook before chemo was 6 weeks to 4 months but luckily they didn't tell me that until well after the chemo! Now they talk about two years! So enjoy what you can when you can and like me, always get ready to beat statistics!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  12. Just a little FYI for you -that millimetre of fuzz you mentioned about your hair growth will turn into a really good head full of hair before you know it! Trust me as a year ago next month, I was pretty much in the same state of baldness as you are today -just no longer getting chemo to ruin the hell out of some days each month! Anyway, I just got my first haircut since mine grew back last spring and summer and to be honest, I probably should have had the hair cut done several months ago as it made me feel really good having it cut back really short again. (I had been considering letting it grow longish but have now decided short is the only way to fly!

  13. Really happy that you are posting...and enjoying the sun and family and getting a little hair back!

  14. Moannie, ANY post from you is a "best" post.

    Many strong HUGS, and my prayers continue.

  15. Glad to hear you're whooping it up with family and eating yummy treats and getting out in the sunshine. Enjoy the spring!

  16. So glad to hear you had a good day on Mother's Day! Now that the weather is sunny (sometimes!) and the bees and flowers are out, it's no wonder your mood is lifting to match.

    I had a photo come up on my Facebook page today: a group of friends standing in a happy, excited group, posing for a photo with Johnny Depp before he went in to play at a music concert in LA. What does that have to do with you? Well, the two friends at the extreme right and left of the group have both been battling cancer. One has had a double mastectomy and is now going through the follow up chemo, and the other had made a startling recovery from a brain cancer that everyone thought would kill her. They told her at one point that they could give her no more chemo, and there she is, smiling away in the sunshine - WITH HER OWN HAIR!! It's short, and a little fuzzy, but it suits her. The other friend is wearing a wig, but also a big, big smile.

    I thought that might cheer you a little today.